It’s a ritual that I do without giving it a second thought…that is until this morning. It was 4.12 am and the house was dark and quiet. I sat on the seat in my kitchen, pushed my feet in and gripped the edge of those hot pink strings. I pulled them up and out and then did what I’ve done since the age of 6 with absolutely no conscious thought. I tied the knot.

I switched legs to repeat and then I paused and repeated the action as if I was watching a slow motion movie. BOOM – it hit me!

If I was to ask you when was the last time you gave tying your laces a second thought I’m sure 99.9% of you would look at me like I fell out of a tree! Who thinks of these things??…Well strange thoughts come at this hour of the morning is all I have to say.

As the movie in my head continued played in slo-mo, I looked at those strings with a different perspective. What I noticed was that the lace is actually just ONE string. One string that is threaded through multiple holes crisscrossing each other, all with one purpose – to keep it together. To support.

This month is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) awareness month and we are supporting awareness of this disease.

In the lead up to this month I have asked some of our patients who suffer with the frustrating signs and symptoms of PCOS, what is it that makes the biggest difference to achieving success in struggling with PCOS and trying to conceive. One word was repeated more often than any other and it was one that I was not anticipating…it was ACTION.

Many of them have actioned the choice to be conscious of their diet and exercise. To take the medication even when they didn’t want to. To surround themselves with people who will support them on this path to parenthood. To action coming to get help.

I marveled at this and once again I thought to myself, we have the bravest patients on the planet!

My challenge to you this week, is what is your support?  What is one important thread in your tapestry of life that is going to get you to accomplish your dreams?

As this month goes on, we at Barbados Fertility Centre Team are your hot pink laces – here to support you every step of the way to achieve your dream of having a family!

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