Due to the nature of our business, there are huge personal stories behind each pregnancy test and birth announcement but they are normally kept private between us and our patients. Country Music’s star couple Rose Falcon and Rodney Atkins are one of the few patients of ours who publicly announced that they visited us for successful IVF treatment. Rose Falcon announced to the world that she suffered from Infertility in this incredible Instagram post and that she came to BFC for IVF treatment. Rose has now started a Blog where she is discussing her Journey to Barbados for IVF treatment called ‘Momma on the Road’.

“I promised myself that if I was able to overcome infertility, I would share my story in hopes of helping someone else going through a similar situation. In Nashville, there just aren’t that many options, and our experience in seeking treatment left us thinking there had to be a better way than being subjected to what felt like a ‘cattle call.’”

“Our local fertility clinic was always packed. We would wait for up to two hours with our knees basically touching another couple in a tiny waiting area. We weren’t given any insight into our fertility issues, just a vague diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility.’ We went through three failed IUI’s over the course of a year. The day we went in to talk to the doctor about what our next option would be, we waited for over two hours. When we finally met with the doctor he basically handed us folder with some information about IVF and sent us packing. Looking over the paperwork, we were faced with average success rates and a high cost. It was enormously discouraging. It just seemed like they didn’t truly care about the struggle we were facing,” explains Rose. “I knew there had to be a better option. I started Googling every fertility clinic in the US, and then I started looking into what could contribute to a better chance of success. I learned that acupuncture and other holistic treatments have been shown to increase success rates in IVF treatment, but I couldn’t find a place in the United States that had everything under one roof. That’s when I started researching IVF clinics abroad and found Barbados Fertility Center through a blog called Always Katie.”

The idea seemed kind of crazy at first Rose admits, but from the very first phone call with the clinic, Rose knew she was on to something. “The entire experience at Barbados Fertility Center just felt so different. I felt heard and cared about and so much more hopeful about the possibility that we could find success. I thought that things might change after that first interaction, but Barbados Fertility Center was absolutely consistent throughout the process. They were enormously helpful, kind, and considerate.”

Rose and Rodney welcomed Ryder Falcon Atkins on December 14th of 2017. When asked if she would go back to Barbados Fertility Center again, she says “Without question! For the cost of just IVF in the US, you get an entire two week vacation in addition to the treatment. We fell in love with Barbados when we were there and cannot imagine having gone any other place for the treatment that led to the birth of our beautiful baby boy.”

Read Rose’s story and follow her blog here.