Accreditations & Achievements

GoldSeal_4colorBarbados Fertility Center is the ONLY Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited IVF unit in the Caribbean region. This JCI gold seal assures patients of the stringent safety measures we have in place to ensure your treatment with us is world class. Every healthcare facility throughout the USA cannot operate without Joint Commission accreditation and as we pride ourselves on offering outstanding care on an international level. We are exceptionally proud to have held this prestigious seal of approval since 2007. Our clinic, located in Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados is now even listed in their elite group of clinics in the world!

We open our doors wide for the inspectors who check that our operating procedures, staff credentials, laboratory, theatre and examination rooms meet their high level of expectation. We invest heavily in this procedure to assure you the patient that you are in safe and more importantly capable hands when you trust us with your treatment plan.

If you are still trying to decide where to have IVF treatment then only trust the JCI gold seal of approval.

Our approach at the Center is one of EXCELLENCE! Every area of the clinic is purposely evaluated in order for each patient to receive their BEST chance of success. Our achievements are proven with the latest advances in Assisted Reproductive Technology and published success rates.

In terms of techniques that we have been the first Internationally Accredited Center to introduce to the Caribbean and offer:

  • Blastocyst culture
  • Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction (Micro-Tese)
  • Vitrification of embryos
  • On-site Life Wellness Center incorporating holistic treatments with traditional medicine such as acupuncuture, reflexology and massage
  • Immunology Treatment
  • Hysteroscopy Treamtent
  • Egg Freezing
  • Pre Genetic Screening
  • High Success Rates

We are also very proud of our achievements. So far, these include:

  • Barbados Fertility Center is the first full-time Fertility Unit in the Caribbean
  • 1000s of babies born worldwide from IVF/ICSI
  • Caribbean’s first baby born from frozen and thawed eggs
  • Caribbean’s first baby born from embryo adoption
  • Successful outcomes for women with recurrent miscarriages
  • Over 500 Caribbean babies created through IUI / Ovulation Induction
  • Barbados’s first IVF baby
  • Barbados’s first ICSI baby
  • Barbados’s first baby from frozen thawed embryos
  • Caribbean’s first babies from vitrified embryos
  • Caribbean’s first babies from Blastocyst Transfer
  • Only Caribbean Fertility Center accredited with the US based Joint Commission International (JCI)

We provide world-class fertility care, not only to the Caribbean, but also to clients from further afield countries such as UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Quality of Care

At Barbados Fertility Center we take any concern regarding patient safety or the quality of our care seriously. Should you have a concern this should be brought to the attention of our Clinic Director, Anna Hosford, Your concerns will be addressed in a timely manner and treated in confidence and responded without retribution upon investigation.  Additionally, any patient also has the prerogative to contact JCI directly if the solution is not rectified after contacting the clinic directly. This maybe done using the following link.

Patient Rights

Barbados Fertility Center recognises and is committed to policies and processes that respect the individual rights of all clients attending the clinic. Embedded in these rights are the principles of equity, access, independence and informed patient consent.

Barbados Fertility Center ensures staff is educated and respectful of patient’s rights when delivering care and services and will ensure that clients are cared for in a manner that is respectful of their culture and lifestyle, free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.

All patients will be provided with information which supports their rights to make informed decisions and personal choices and respected for their informed choice to refuse or discontinue the recommended treatment.

Patients will be involved in all aspects of care planning and service provision including the process to act on complaints and resolve conflicts with staff or about patient care and guaranteed that personal information gathered by Barbados Fertility Center’s staff is protected as private and confidential to the fullest extent possible.

Information is not shared with providers outside the clinic unless the patient has provided informed consent or unless certain situations may require information relating to criminal matters, as requested by court authorities.

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