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Whistle While You Work - Barbados Fertility Centre

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Whistle While You Work

I was driving along this week and the song, Whistle While You Work, by Katy Tiz was playing. I was having one of those days where it felt like it was coming at me in all directions. But by the end of this song I couldn’t help but stop and smile and decided it was time embrace my inner child and whistle for the first time in years!

I puckered my lips, sucked in the air and out came this melodious tune (okay, so it sounded more like a screeching cat at first but let’s stick with melodious for now!) Then I exhaled and pushed the wind through my lips and again that sound was created. I did this a few more times until I could play my breath as a tune and then the corners of my mouth turned upwards and had no choice but to smile.

That small act got me thinking – what are those things that we are taking in and what are we pushing outto create our own growth, happiness, peace and contentment in our lives. For me these things are a foundation that if present can help ground you when the storms of life come our way. I think sometimes we look at the picture of our lives and believe we need to do something big like change our career, or relationship or life status but really if we are intentional with small decisions we can make those small changes be like building blocks that can have a big impact. These decisions to be good to ourselves and commit to the important facets of who we are may come in the form of simply making yourself a cup of tea before bed at night, committing to journaling your thoughts once a week, dedicating to your exercise routine, making time to have that chat with your friend, praying/mediating, reading blogs that inspire you and for me recently going onto Pinterest at night for 10 mins and searching “ Funnies” just so I can have a laugh!

Life throws things at us all the time and we need to be equipped when the storms come so chin up friends and if you get a chance this week, stop for a moment, smile, pucker your lips and whistle while you work it!
– Rachel de Gale.



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