The Nap

Unbeknown to many I am a napper, especially on a Sunday. There is something so very sweet about a Sunday nap that simply can’t be beat! I was thinking about my naps just this past weekend and thought to myself, what do naps represent? Why do I fiercely protect that time on Sunday between 2 and 3 pm with the ferocity of a lion protecting her caught prey!  For me naps represent a surrender of the soul, a letting go, a break from it all.

I read a quote once that said the hardest decision is to know when to keep trying and when to let go – how true is that statement for so many things in our life.  I think that as our lives continue to evolve day in and day out that we need to be deliberate as to what we are holding onto and what we are letting go. Sometimes, preconceived notions or beliefs from others/ourselves can hold us back from taking this important step in life.  For some of us this translates to a fear of what seeking IVF treatment or any Assisted Reproduction help looks like – and even more importantly what it actually means to us. Seeking help doesn’t mean failure, in fact it means the opposite. It means you know what you want in life and are not afraid to go after it. It takes courage to acknowledge these things but when you let go of something you are always sure to gain something even better in return when these choices come from a place of healthy intention.

So this weekend my encouragement to you is to let go, to reach out if you are struggling to get pregnant, to start a new path which will put you on a road that will make those dreams come true. Sounds like it is time for a nap! ☺

– Rachel de Gale.

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