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From a USA Patient

Thanks for asking after us after the transfer, it means a lot. This is one of the main differences we saw with our experience with the Barbados Fertility Clinic and the place we went to for our first cycle. We are so very glad we came to BFC, and are so incredibly pleased with the way everything has worked out so far. But I think we are most happy with how you all treated us and took us under your care from the very first call with you to the meeting with Dr. Skinner on the day of the transfer. I was so impressed and felt so informed when Dr. Skinner took the time to explain the process of embryo development and how the quality is assessed.

Every single member of BFC were so nice and positive, it made a huge difference with our overall mood and stress levels. You were always there for me from the very beginning and I knew I could always reach out to you. As I had told you when we first spoke, our first experience was unfortunately not the most pleasant or positive, there was a distinct lack of the human touch with the service but this was definitely not the case with BFC.  Thank you for everything, words cannot adequately express our gratitude


We combine cutting edge fertility treatments with holistic therapies, resulting in IVF success rates significantly above the UK and USA average.

Thousands of babies have been born since we opened in 2002. With many direct flights from the UK and USA, we're just a few hours away!

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