A very happy mother!

Dear Dr. Skinner and Helen,

Last year today, my dreams came true and I gave birth to my son. This past year was the brightest and the happiest year of my life. Any time I hold my baby, I keep telling myself: “this is nothing but a miracle.” Dr. Skinner, you’re a great doctor, very professional with a great personality. You helped me have my own baby when other doctors gave up on me and wanted me to use egg donors. Before my friend, Rachel, tells me about your clinic, I even hadn’t heard about Barbados but now in my eyes, Barbados is the land of hope.

And Helen, you walked me through all the difficult stages. You listened to all my fears and concerns and gave me peace with your calm and kind personality. Thank you for bearing with my mood and for understanding.

We will never forget what you were able to do for us, we feel so blessed!

Thank you for making this possible and keep up the awesome work!


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