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At BFC, we not only offer relaxing treatments in our Life Wellness Center; we offer a Healthy Mind & Body Program which addresses the effects of stress on fertility and looks to reduce stress. We aim for our patients to be at their optimum of relaxation increasing their chance of a successful outcome.

The natural beauty of Barbados forces couples to unwind, we then treat them both medically and holistically.

The Healthy Mind & Body Program incorporates for both partners massage, acupuncture, reflexology, and a one to one session with a trained counselor dealing with the emotions associated with IVF.

Holistic treatments are timed around medical procedures to have maximum impact on a patients well-being, for example our patients receive acupuncture one hour prior to embryo transfer and then again one hour afterwards.

We do everything we can to make sure our patients have the best experience and feeling of well-being before, during, and after whilst having treatment at Barbados Fertility Center.

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  • Reducing Stress
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Nutrition
  • Treatment Options
Reducing Stress

Many studies have shown that as stress levels go down, pregnancy rates go up and our goal at Barbados Fertility Center is to relieve as much stress as possible for couples trying to conceive.

At BFC, we offer relaxing treatments such as Acupuncture, Reflexology, Massage and Reiki at our on-site Life Wellness Center. To take the guess work out of what treatments you should have at what time in your cycle, we have tailored our own Healthy Mind & Body Program to help guide our patients as to the best options.The Healthy Mind & Body Program incorporates for both partners massage, acupuncture, reflexology, and a one to one session with a trained counselor dealing with the emotions associated with IVF. Holistic treatments are timed around medical procedures to have maximum impact on a patients well-being, for example our patients receive acupuncture one hour prior to embryo transfer and then again one hour afterwards.

These holistic treatments address the effects of stress on fertility and look to reduce stress as we do everything we can to make sure our patients have the best experience and feeling of well-being before, during, and after so they can be at their optimum of relaxation and therefore increasing their chance of a successful outcome.

Do’s and Don’ts


Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight regular exercise will help your metabolism, however you need to exercise in moderation to increase your fertility. Moderate exercise during pregnancy has been shown to be beneficial. If you are already in an exercise program, we encourage you to continue. However, the medications used to stimulate the ovaries as part of your treatment can cause temporary large ovarian follicles. Therefore, we advise you to avoid high impact activities such as running and step aerobics. Also, extreme strenuous exercise may lead to a complete disruption of the menstrual cycle. Activities such as swimming, bicycle riding, walking, and using the treadmill are encouraged.

Alcohol Consumption

Both men and women should avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes a decrease in sperm count and motility and increases levels of abnormal sperm.

There have been many studies to show that drinking alcohol reduces fertility in both men and women. Therefore it is important to only drink alcohol in moderation or refrain completely while you are trying to conceive.

Not drinking any alcohol when pregnant will decrease your chances of birth defects.


Smoking is known to contribute to both male and female infertility. Non-smoking women are up to twice as likely to get pregnant and smoking increases the risk of miscarriage. It also decreases sperm quality, increasing DNA damage.


Caffeine decreases fertility and increases the risk of miscarriage. Sperm abnormalities increase with the number of cups of coffee consumed each day.

We recommend that you avoid caffeine altogether or limit intake to one caffeinated drink per day. Several studies have concluded that the chance of pregnancy decreases while the likelihood of miscarriage increases when caffeine is ingested. Caffeine is present in coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate.


Our onsite Life Wellness Center also offers nutritional advice as research suggests that healthy eating for both the female and male partners can greatly assist conception.

Many studies have linked weight to fertility.  If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is within normal range we encourage you to keep a healthy diet. Many studies have also linked a healthy and within normal range BMI weight to a successful IVF outcome.

Being overweight increases risk of complications during pregnancy, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and the formation of blood clots.  Women who are overweight tend to have larger babies, more difficult deliveries, and are more likely to require a cesarean section.  Cesarean sections performed on overweight women are associated with a higher incidence of anesthetic and surgical complications that could jeopardize the health of the mother and baby.

If underweight, it is believed that menstrual function requires a level of at least 22 percent body fat for normal menses to occur. Eating disorders and extreme exercise often result in an abnormally low BMI, and can contribute to metabolic and menstrual disorders, all of which are problematic for those trying to get pregnant. Research has shown that more than half of women, who are underweight and then gain an average of 6 to 8 lbs, spontaneously conceive.

Nutrition can influence the achievement and maintenance of a pregnancy. Eating the right nutrients can improve overall egg quality and address any other underlying health issues that can contribute towards infertility such as PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis. For the male partner eating correctly for as little as 3 months can greatly improve sperm quality, quantity and motility.

Studies also suggest that by eating the right foods when pregnant can have significant benefits to your unborn child and affect your baby’s long-term health.

Both male & female partners should eat the recommended 5 a day of either fruit or vegetables to protect cells and improve fertility.

Vitamin C improves ovulation and improves sperm count; this can be found in large quantities in all citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, peppers and strawberries.

Zinc can increase sperm count and can be found in eggs, nuts, oily fish, seafood, lamb, apricots, whole grains.

Selenium, L-arginine and L-carnitine will improve sperm quality, quantity and motility and can be found in garlic, broccoli, whole wheat, carrots, eggs, meat, tuna and herring.

To improve sperm production and to regulate hormones you should eat plenty of Omega 3 fats, which can be found in eggs, oily fish, and nuts or seeds. These also help to prevent blood clotting, which can happen to women who suffer with recurrent miscarriage.

Another good source of nutrients is whole grain as this contains B vitamins that also improve fertility. B vitamins include zinc, which helps the fetus to develop. Whole grains can be found in brown rice, wholegrain bread, kidney beans, lentils, whole grain pasta and oats. Wholegrain also contain Vitamin E, which is helpful for women who are producing a low number of eggs.

You should also try to drink at least a litre of water every day to help these nutrients around your body.

Protein rich foods such as fish and vegetables are good slow release foods that promote a good night’s sleep allowing your body to regenerate. In addition to a well-balanced diet, caloric intake should be limited to maintain a normal body weight. Foods with high content of fats and oils should be consumed at a minimum.

Treatment Options


Medical studies prove the success of complimenting acupuncture with IVF treatment and The World Health Organization recognizing Acupuncture to be an effective therapy for many conditions including those affected with fertility issues.

Acupuncture is a very ancient form of healing, which pre-dates recorded history, inserting ultra-thin needles along the body at strategic points that correspond with energy and blood flow. These points when needled can regulate the way in which the body functions.

During an acupuncture treatment, the nervous system relaxes and stress levels decline significantly. This allows increased and improved blood flow into your reproductive organs. As a result more oxygen and nutrients are supplied and IVF medication gets more easily into the uterus and ovaries.

How Acupuncture improves IVF success rates:

– Reducing stress – This is one of the most important reasons for receiving acupuncture.
– Improving blood flow – helpful for improving endometrial growth.
– Enhancing ovarian function- this helps improve the quality of eggs produced.
– Decreasing uterus contraction – this improves the environment for the embryo to attach to the uterine wall after embryo transfer.
– Strengthening the immune system.
– Improving mobility, quality and quantity of male semen to produce better quality and quantity embryos.


Reflexology is gentle, non-invasive therapy, deeply relaxing, restoring, and a great way to reduce stress and tension. Reflexology is based on the concept that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands, organs, and parts of the body; and all parts of the body are connected by pathways through vital energy flows. When our energy is low or tension blocks the natural flow, our organs and systems cannot function properly.

By applying gentle pressure to the points with the thumbs or fingers, the therapist can stimulate the flow of energy to all parts, clearing blockages and helping the body to achieve its own state of equilibrium and good health.

You will be asked to take off your shoes and socks, and recline on a comfortable couch while the Reflexologist works over the reflexes.


Reiki is used as a healing therapy. The word “Reiki” means universal life energy, originating with the Buddhist tradition.

The Reiki experience is different for each individual, and it usually has a powerful effect on many different levels. When you receive Reiki you enter a deep neutral space where the unconscious can reveal messages to your conscious mind, often in pictures, colours, memories or words.

Your visit will involve a consultation followed by the treatment. You will be asked to lie fully clothed on the massage table. Throughout the treatment the therapist will place her hands in several positions over the whole body. The treatment starts at the head and ends at the feet in order to ground the person and being energy into the legs.

Reiki works on the physical, mental and emotional levels, and is a simple yet effective method of promoting healing, relaxation and well-being.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of healing and soothing through the use and diffusion of essential oils. These oils are substances extracted from the petals, fruits, twigs, leaves and seeds of plants which are used in a variety of ways to enhance the health of the individual. Each oil possess particular qualities and can be used to treat specific ills.

Your visit will involve a consultation where a detailed personal history as well as a personal medical and family history will be taken. This will allow the Therapist to prescribe and make up the correct formulation of Essential Oils, which is then applied directly to the skin and massaged in by professional massage techniques. Your body will be covered throughout the treatment apart from the area being massaged

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