What does the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins Hospital and Barbados Fertility Centre have in common?


Yes, we all provide care and treatment to patients albeit in different areas. But did you know that all three medical facilities are accredited by the Joint Commission (JCI), whose Gold Seal of approval means that Barbados Fertility Centre is not just best in class, but also among the best in the world.

It was the fourth time in ten years we were undergoing the process (the Seal lasts for a three year period) during which time a licensed surveyor from the international body scrutinized everything from facility management and safety, staff qualifications and standard of practice, to every aspect of the patient journey and care provided by the clinic during a week of intense analysis and evaluation.

Yet, re-accreditation provides us with tools to strengthen or maintain our performance of excellence and reinforces the confidence our patients can have in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services we provide. The process is therefore something to which we are committed to undergoing.

During the surveyor’s time with us, I mentioned that when I tell patients that Barbados Fertility Centre is accredited by JCI, the response is usually met with a tepid: “Oh! That’s nice.”

“There is that brief moment,” I admitted, “when I get frustrated by the general lack of understanding.”

And then the surveyor reminded me of something important.

“You know what Rachel,” she said, “what you are doing is nothing short of brave”.


In the moment she said it, I knew she was right. JCI re-accreditation takes dedication, support, a commitment to excellence, and an intentional desire to achieve a goal. And since JCI bar is always being raised, we are constantly required to raise ours as well.

When the news came that we would be awarded the Gold Seal yet again, I reflected on the personal sacrifice it took, what it meant for our patients, and the joy our team would feel at the news. They too had contributed many late and extra hours to see us through the process.

What JCI told us is something we believed in ourselves and that is, Barbados Fertility Centre is the premier IVF unit in the Caribbean. That when a couple chooses us for their IVF dreams they can trust that we are showing up and doing our very best every day to birth the vision they have for a family.

What a way to enter our 15th year Anniversary!

– Rachel De Gale


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