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Together we can Flip the Script on infertility! - Barbados Fertility Centre

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Together we can Flip the Script on infertility!


It’s National Infertility Awareness Week, and this year the theme is Flip the Script – this informal term means to reverse the usual or existing positions in a situation; do something unexpected or revolutionary!


I’m really excited about this week and all that we have planned at the clinic to raise awareness about infertility, I’d like you to just take a moment and think about how you can change your infertility story, this week is all about empowerment and how you can be revolutionary in managing your treatment.


Yesterday marked 16 years since we opened our doors as a full time IVF clinic, for me personally it also marked 14 years since I joined the team at BFC. Every anniversary is a time for reflection and this year is no exception. This year’s theme really resonates with me, because I feel as a team we have been flipping the script for 16 years!


In my 14 years at the clinic, not a week goes by where I don’t sit at my desk and have a good cry. Speaking to patients’ everyday is a privilege, some are very clear on where they stand, many are lost and just need guidance. Let’s face it, infertility sucks but every member of our team is passionate about changing your story.


I don’t think there is a more rewarding role than speaking to someone who is struggling with infertility and convincing them that we genuinely care. This ethos is then backed up when they have their first consult with our wonderful medical team. It is truly an honour to meet a couple that deserves to be parents and then to have the exciting journey following their progress through treatment… and then to get the reward of healing their years of pain with a beautiful baby!


Over the last couple of years we have seen a dramatic rise in patients from the USA, an amazing 150% increase to be precise. These patients face staggering IVF costs, as much as $40,000 USD with no health insurance to cover fertility treatment. We treat every patient as an individual, but one theme is common among our US patients, they don’t feel individual with their US healthcare provider. Our ethos is to leave no stone unturned in tailoring treatment to increase every couple’s chance of success, even if we only increase it by 1%, that 1% could mean a baby.


One family that comes to mind is Scott & Tisha Phipps from Oklahoma. Excuse the pun, but they Phipped the script! They struggled for years to conceive and sought IVF at home in the US but were unsuccessful and left utterly devastated. They reached a crossroads and were unsure whether or not they would try another cycle of IVF. They took charge of the situation and literally flipped their situation on it’s head. They took the bold step and jumped on plane to Barbados to have treatment with us. That decision has changed their lives, they are no longer patients but proud parents! I dare you to watch this lovely family bringing their family back to meet us in Barbados and not cry!


The Phipps took the bull by the horns and jumped straight in for a sibling, so now they have not one but two beautiful daughters! To quote Scott’s words “I don’t think you will ever find a place on earth where they actually care so much about you and your journey and what you are going through. It was a difficult time but we are standing here with these two miracles. We know it works and wherever you are don’t give up. There is always HOPE! We love the fertility clinic in Barbados!”


Thank you Scott & Tisha, we love you and your beautiful children. Infertility is stressful enough, so this week let’s pull that apart and wear our infertility on our sleeves. Infertility has many factors, it is a medical condition and not a stigma. Let’s talk infertility, no question is irrelevant, every question leads us closer to the answer.


Do you know how we Flip the Script? It’s actually very simple, you as the patient lead your treatment, it’s a conversation – it’s a two way street, you and your partner talk about what you want, you tell us how you would like your treatment plan and with our expert advice we will do our best to make sure you and your lovely children are the next visitors in our waiting room.


This week, I reach out to you, our lovely parents in waiting to #FliptheScript – let’s raise the roof on infertility, share your social media status, tell your friends and family what a struggle you are going through and together we can overcome the negative pregnancy test. We like to roll with a positive!


Let’s Flip this Script, we are ready for every question you have. Please join me in Flipping the Script this week!


– Veronica Montgomery

Veronica Montgomery


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