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Barbados Fertility Centre or A Place of Hope? - Barbados Fertility Centre

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Barbados Fertility Centre or A Place of Hope?

“When I think about Barbados Fertility Centre, my heart becomes overwhelmed with emotions. There are not enough words to describe a group of incredible people who work there. The level of care and professionalism is simply irreplaceable. BFC is a place of hope and love. It’s a place where miracles happen and people get a chance at being happy and have a complete family.

Our experience with BFC stared with a simple e-mail to the clinic. We did not have to wait long for someone to respond and that made our decision an easy one. We chose BFC! The most important stepping stone in this process was to have organised communication and actions.

Dr. Skinner’s personal approach to each patient is a critical one. While discussing my options on the phone with her, I felt genuine care and compassion. After my conversation with Dr. Skinner, we realised that despite my serious health condition, there was hope. With Dr. Skinner’s years of hard work, passion for what she does and competence, we knew that we were making the right decision going to BFC. Thank you, Dr. Skinner for doing everything that was in your power to make us a complete family!

Our patient coordinator was Helen. We could not thank her enough for being on top of everything starting with medication list, organising visits and travel plans. She kept up outstanding communication with us and not a single e-mail or a phone call went unanswered. Overall process was so well organised and thought through. Thank you, Helen!
Emma is a theatre nurse at the clinic and an incredible one too. Her fantastic sense of humour will make your procedure preparation and recovery fun and easy. Her bubbly personality is what every patient needs. Thank you Emma for your positivity!

Natalia who is an embryologist at the clinic was giving us daily updates on the progress and giving us all the necessary details on the development. Thank you, Natalia!

Rhonda and Cyrilene are the first two staff members you see when you walk into the clinic. They welcome you with a warm smile. Both were very helpful at promptly passing important messages to our coordinator and preparing accurate medical invoices. Thank you, ladies!

At that time when we were in Barbados, Dr. Corona was a relatively new addition to BFC family. She showed her professionalism and great knowledge. She is a great addition to the clinic. Thank you, Dr. Corona!

Bethany who is a Patient Liaison Coordinator went over the details regarding acupuncture procedure and set up and appointment for me. Acupuncture helped me to relax mentally and physically before and after my procedure. Thank you, Bethany!

My husband and I would like to thank every single person at Barbados Fertility Centre who made us feel welcomed and well taken care of but most importantly for giving us two beautiful baby boys we have been waiting for so long. Our lives are forever changed and our hearts became bigger!


We combine cutting edge fertility treatments with holistic therapies, resulting in IVF success rates significantly above the UK and USA average.

Thousands of babies have been born since we opened in 2002. With many direct flights from the UK and USA, we're just a few hours away!

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